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Warm dishes for winter 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

We are JUST starting to put our fires on more and more. The heat of the sunshine is starting to not always feel it's way to our skin. Jumpers and jackets are going on automatically in the mornings now.

Winter is coming...

How can Bellies help?

Warm lunches. We may look like a salad bar but alas no. Most of the Belly Bowl family that visit come in for an awesome baked potato with dhal or spag bol, roast veggies, bacon, sour cream, cheese, you get the winter drift right?

One day you might go a zuch noodle with bolognese and the next a baked spud with cheese bacon and sour cream. Warmer days you might tuna or chicken salad it up or go for a full vego bowl.

That's how we are going to help you get through winter... by carb loading you up and pretty much forcing you to put bacon on everything.

Your welcome.


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