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Belly Bowls comes to the rescue!

Updated: May 22, 2018

We all know how ******* annoying it is to cook dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT right?


Does everyone need to eat AGAIN?

Apparently they do. So we, the BB mamas at HQ have come up with an "end game we win" solution for you.

We started with a lasagna and now we are playing with 5-6 dinners that we are cooking in our kitchen HQ each week.

How does this help you?

You sister! Can pop in to grab a takeaway or pre order for pick up on one of THESE days.

kids thought 5 am was a good time to wake up

someone forgot to shop for food

your face is puffy

kids are feral

It's soccer night.

It's raining

It's raining because it is soccer night.

your a single mum. full stop

you feel like a single mum but your married.

your happily married but you can't cook

your happily married, you can cook but your not going to.

Your fucking lazy and proud of it.

You really work really really hard and want to feed your kids fresh food... awwww. ;)

Call Belly Bowls my dears.

See if we have any amazing dinners or desserts in the fridge.

Pick that shit up sometime during the day.

Take it home and bake. heat. cook it and tell the family how long it took you to make!

They will tell you how amazing it is and you will smile and nod.

At your next girls night out, tell all your mama friends so that we can all win at least ONCE a day in life.

Then we all live happily ever after.


If you are a guy that just read this post, then it all applies to you as well!

You are very very very welcome to call the bellies and see what we can provide to convince your working wife that you made dinner on "your night"

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