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#belliesgtown hits the streets running

WOW.. one week ago today we sneakily opened up a roller door on a back street in Geelong and we have been chasing our tails ever since! In an amazing way!

Our Bellies G town has been a work in progress for many many many months behind the scenes and we are so excited that it has eventuated the way that it did and we could not have asked for a better location or better bunch of people that have embraced us.

The booth with no love.

So dirty and so GREEN...

How many people can you fit in a BOX?

A little bit of paint and a little bit of love.

Come on in friends! We have been cooking for you.

And here they come... and have kept coming.

The new Belly Bowl addicts are walking the streets.

Thanks Geelong.

We love you.


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